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Air Conditioning Filter: Often Overlooked, but a very important part of your Central Air

The air conditioning filter is among the most significant air conditioning parts in the air conditioning system. Without them, your air conditioning system could be dirty and the air you breathe would contain contaminants. All air conditioning parts, in the … Continue reading

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What to do when your Air Conditioner Freezes

Here’s the all-to-familiar scenario with this particular average homeowner, whom we’ll call Bob. He’s in your home, minding their very own business, happily a bowl of popcorn plus a b-movie… when he notices that awful appear drip… drip… drip… Bob … Continue reading

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Tips to control indoor air polutions

Vacuum often Keep pets groomed Wash bedding weekly with hot water Use hypoallergenic covers on mattress and pillows Keep doors closed to the garage Leave doors open with rooms without vents Do not smoke in the house Use exhaust fans … Continue reading

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