Tips to keep your A/C running at peak performance.

This is information you need to know and employ to assist ensure that your Air-conditioning is keeping you as awesome as you possibly can and dealing and cooling as effectively as you possibly can, costing you less. The next should assist you to decide prefer a professional to service your Air-conditioning unit.

(1) Air conditioning filter(s) Should be clean. They must be situated close to the return air-duct next to the environment handler or perhaps in coming back air grill(s). Look at your air conditioning filter every 30 to 3 months to make certain it’s clean. Depending of the home, i.e. for those who have creatures you may want to clean the air conditioning filter more frequently. (Go clean them now!)

(2) Switch the turn on the thermostat for that fan setting to FAN ON, not AUTO. This can run the indoor fan nonstop. The outdoors A/C unit will still cycle having a demand cooling in the thermostat. The continual air moving could keep you cooler. You are able to most likely keep your thermostat a diploma or two greater than usual but still feel at ease. Additionally, you will conserve a more even temperature between upstairs and downstairs. This could save you MONEY since the outside condenser won’t seriously just as much!

(3) Make certain that you simply clean the outdoors condenser coil annually. Whether it’s dirty, the A/C will run hot and inefficient. An indication of the coil being dirty may be the small uncovered copper (pipe) (tubing) line, usually 3/8″ O/D hooking up the interior unit using the outdoors unit is going to be HOT to touch.

(4) When the small uncovered 3/8″ copper pipe hooking up the interior unit using the outdoors unit is hot to touch there might be the key reason why

(a) A/C is have less refrigerant.

(b) The outside condenser coil is dirty. Individuals are two of the most common reasons for this to become hot to touch.

(5) “Warm Rooms” about the lower quantity of a house where it’s cooler reduce or stop some vent registers (Diffuser) and make certain that those about the upper flooring where it’s warmer are open completely! Also, see sentences #2 & #9.

(6) “Doorways” should you close the doorway to some room make certain that there’s in regards to a 3/4″ gap between the foot of the doorway and also the floor. You might have had carpet put lower on the ground and today there’s no gap. This really is necessary for those who have a central return air-duct within the hallway. The return air ductwork have to pull the nice and cozy air in the room.

(7) Never go out and switch off the A/C. then return home and switch it on and expect it to awesome the home in the near future. This will not permit the unit to awesome lower the home for many hrs. You are able to set the temperature up 5 to 10 levels although not OFF. This really is due to Latent warmth buildup within the walls and furniture in the home and can result in the A/C continue to work harder to get rid of the warmth, this requires a very long time.

(8) Never turn the A/C off than back on in under 5 minutes, this can short-cycle the compressor and may trip breakers, blow fuses, or cause permanent damage the compressor. You ought to have a period-delay install about the A/C to avoid this throughout energy black outs! Some setback thermostats possess a time-delay built-in. Getting a start capacitor and relay may be beneficial. This will raise the existence expectancy from the compressor by beginning faster thus keeping motor temperature lower, using less electric to begin.

(9) Keep blinds closed, curtains attracted, shutters attracted, a functional loft fan will be a wise decision, lots of insulation within the ceiling & walls, air tight storm home windows, keep outdoors doorways and openings close, etc.

(10) “Icing from the indoor coil or even the large insulated covered copper pipe “You will find two primary causes of this, insufficient ventilation or have less refrigerant. Insufficient ventilation could be a dirty air conditioning filter, dirty indoor evaporator coil, dirty fan rotor blades, damper in duct restricting ventilation.

(11) “Water inside around air-handler” see paragraph 10. The condensate lines are a drain pipe from the indoor evaporator coil to some indoor drain in order to the outdoors. This could become clogged and cause water to backup and may produce about five gallons of water an hour or so. This is when all of the humidity and moisture in the house goes.

(12) You shouldn’t have to add refrigerant to some system, if you’re adding refrigerant which means that there’s a refrigerant leak within the system that needs to be fixed! “Why Get rid of the Ozone layer?”

(13) Checking the cooling having a thermometer. There must be a 15-20 degree temperature drop over the indoor coil in the air handler. Look into the temperature drop within the duct near to the coil, if air entering the coil is 75 levels compared to air departing the coil ought to be 60-55 levels. If it’s greater or lower there’s most likely a problem. Excessive of the drop, IE a lot more than 20 levels drop, could mean insufficient ventilation or have less refrigerant. Under a 15-degree drop could mean an excessive amount of ventilation, dirty outdoors coil or have less refrigerant.

(14) Never cover the A/C with plastic or perhaps an air tight cover this makes it to rust.

(15) Don’t let creatures (Felines) (Dogs) etc. Urinate about the outdoors coil. This makes it to corrode (rust) after which leak refrigerant.

(16) Keep grass & weeds from obstructing ventilation on outdoors A/C.

(17) Don’t develop a deck near to the the surface of the outdoors A/C or other things that may make the warm discharge air to re-circulate to the system.

(18) Fuses, Circuit Breakers or wires will not be hot to touch if they’re hot you might have a sizing problem or perhaps a loose or bad electrical connection.

(19) You are able to stop hear, the relaxation might not appeal to you.

When you must have your equipment fixed/maintained make certain you utilize an authorized contractor who ought to be insured and acquire permits from city/county authorities when needed/necessary. Or perhaps a person in the (PHCC) Plumbing, Heating, Cooling Companies Association. PHCC companies are experts who stick to a released code of ethics that enhances the and safeguards your wellbeing, licensed through the Condition Board of Companies. They likewise have licenses, bonds, insurance and acquire permits when needed by local cities. The PHCC logo design is the assurance of quality within this profession! Is not your wellbeing & safety worthwhile? It ought to be! Call 1-800-533-7694 to learn more concerning the PHCC.

Air-Hair conditioners Don’t add awesome air. The things they’re doing is remove heated air and set it outdoors. R-22 & R-12 ETC.. Refrigerant is really a synthetic product introduced by DuPont and because of the trade title FREON.


The temperature of refrigerant is directly connect with pressure it’s at and the other way around, IE.R-22 at psi is -40 levels below zero or at 60 psi it at 32 levels. This really is misleading the temperature change isn’t associated with pressure really, but almost totally associated with the modification from the liquid to some gas. When liquid Freon is broadened to some gas it will get really cold (latent warmth of evaporation) so when the nice and cozy gas is compressed to some liquid it get hot. The temperature alternation in say blending liquid Freon to some greater pressure (adiabatic compression) is small. The thing is exactly the same effect whenever you crack the valve on the CO2 (or gas) bottle for instance. You’re going to get a more compact effect having a pure gas, like whenever you fill a Scuba tank, (will get warm) or drain it rapidly (valve will get cold right in the expansion point, but this effect isn’t great enough to operate an AC system.

The physics of phase vary from a gas to some liquid and the other way around drive most weather for instance too…. With water it requires as (From the) 560 (or was it 590…) occasions just as much energy to boil water from 100 C liquid to 100C gas because it gives enhance the equivalent water 1C in temperature. Freon is less dramatic than water when it comes to this energy amount, however it boils at an infinitely more convenient temperature for human AC models than does water. Should you wanted within your home to become 100C you might like to run water inside your AC.

FYI only.


Bear in mind that warmth goes toward cold and never awesome to warmth. All of the A/C compressor does would be to pump vapor to produce a everywhere pressure, IE. A minimal pressure in the inside coil for any low temperature for that refrigerant to soak up the warmth in the home along with a ruthless in the outdoors coil to produce the warmth the refrigerant absorbed from inside coil to outdoors. Extra-large A/C will run short cycles and never take away the humidity and moisture in the house, an under sized unit won’t have the ability to keep your house awesome on the hot day. You Have To make sure obtain the correct size A/C for the house. A/C’s are sized by tons you will find 12,000 BTU’S to a lot of cooling. (“Ton” means 12,000 BTU’S of warmth is required to melt one 1 ton (2,000 Pounds of ice) You have to move 400 CFM of air per lot of cooling over the indoor coil. 450 CFM for Warmth Pumps. Each CFM (Cubic feet each minute) of air will carry 26.7 BTU’s of cooling. You’ll need a warmth-gain calculation done per room to find the proper (CFM/BTUs) to become shipped to every room and also the total (Tons/BTUs) required to awesome the home depending on designed climate conditions in your town.

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