What to do when your Air Conditioner Freezes

Here’s the all-to-familiar scenario with this particular average homeowner, whom we’ll call Bob. He’s in your home, minding their very own business, happily a bowl of popcorn plus a b-movie… when he notices that awful appear drip… drip… drip… Bob looks to as almost as much ast understand the cat licking in the puddle that’s progressively developing concerning the kitchen floor. Out of the blue: worry, stress, which awful sinking feeling. What is going to the leak mean for his budget, and where managed to get happen result from warm water heater, seeping toilet, shower, faucet? Not really a chance. It’s the ac of other dietary meals. Bob’s central ac is frozen solid. But, there’s hope.

How Ac Models Freeze

Each time a central ac freezes up, what really freezes may be the condenser unit’s evaporator coil. This is actually the part of the ac system that transfers (vanishes) warmth internally for the outdoors of the home. You will discover there are 2 primary reasons the evaporator coil may freeze, it might either be due to 1) restricted ventilation, or 2) inadequate sufficient refrigerant. Either in situation, consequently the atmosphere conditioner’s evaporator coil cannot operate to properly dissipate warmth, too as with effect ‘overcools’ itself. Triggered with this super-cooling is condensation (that’s water formation), and lastly ice from that condensation since it cools below the freezing point. Yep, the Air Conditioning just converted right into a classic-school icebox.

What direction to go Once Your Air Conditioner Freezes

You don’t have to stress Bob. Here’s help:

1.Turn the system completely served by the thermostat, and do not just progress the temperature concerning the thermostat. Switch the switch or push the button Bob… until the entire heating and HVAC system is completely OFF..

2.Do what you’ll be able to make certain ventilation is not restricted. Replace the furnace or air handler’s filter and replace any return air conditioning filters. Open all the registers completely and make certain they are not blocked by furniture or drapery.

3.Call South Florida Air Solutions Air Conditioning Repair. The atmosphere conditioning system should be properly viewed to make sure you will discover no refrigerant leaks or injury to the apparatus. Simply plan a Performance Inspection or Repair Diagnostic online, or call to speak with an energetic body immediately.

That’s all. Your specialist will give you advice in the exact cause and the way to avoid the issue from happening again. Just just in case a leak is available (which isand that’s rare but possible), the leak must bemust be fixed or perhaps the unit will in all probability freeze again.

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